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Dolace is focusing on being a world leader in the distribution of chemistry and related products and services. Dolace is more than a distribution company; we’re a global partner to our customers and suppliers dedicated to:

  1. Earning customers for life
  2. Using our global network to provide market insight and expertise to grow our customers business
  3. Uncompromising safety and compliance
  4. Creating enduring supplier relationships
  5. Providing an innovative suite of value-added services

Our scale, geographic reach, diversified distribution channels, industry expertise and comprehensive product portfolio enable us to develop strong, long-term relationships with our suppliers and to provide a single-source solution for our customers.

We are continuously refining our distribution business model to provide our suppliers and customers with the highest level of service, reliability, and timeliness of deliveries while offering cost-competitive products



Air Cargo

Aircraft Cargo (Air Cargo) service, which is more expensive than other transportation models but is the first in terms of safety and speed, is managed by the air cargo operation unit under the headings of import, export, dangerous goods transport, perishable transport, food and vegetable / fruit transport.

Sea Cargo

Although delivery is slowest than other modes of transport, it comes at the top of the lowest cost models. Unless the urgency of the tonnage and bulky materials is to be used as terminus, the transportation by Deniz Cargo is the most preferred by the customer. Import, export services are carried out by Deniz Cargo operation unit.

Express CargoThe Express Cargo service, which is generally preferred for those transactions that have been processed before the customs declaration is opened, is used for non-financial senders such as documents, samples, gifts. This service is integrated with global sector leaders and is delivered to your address in transit days starting from 1 day according to your destination country

Packaging and HandlingFor export and express cargo shipments, customized packing and handling services are used as subcontractor for ‘transport regulations’ for the customers who have sensitive transport such as breakage and flow, which is special to move according to the customers’ requests


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